an integrated wellness model

Population Well Inc.™ is an integrated wellness model standing in the gap between population health issues and actionable, measurable goals for promoting a wellness state in corporate healthcare. TRUE Studio™, our brand for personal fitness, combines the bench strength of yoga, cycling, strength training, and offers a 12-week “corporate wellness program” that brings fitness experts into the workplace with brand modalities including TRUE Yoga™, TRUE Cycle™, TRUE Bites™, and TRUE Life™.

Our TRUE Life™ resources are made available to your members and offer to inform, transform, and help your members perform and take steps toward personal health on a path toward vibrant lives. When you connect people to their behaviors and values, you encourage positive steps in a new direction.

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On-Site Group Fitness

We bring fitness to our clients, all we need is space and participation. We have many options including yoga, TAI CHI, Strength training, pilates, Spinning and many more. All our instructors are certified and insured.


Health Coaching

We believe education is the key to changing behavior patterns. Each individual has their own unique needs and guidelines and that is why our certified health coaches will work with each employee face to face. These 30 minute sessions will cover stress management, nutrition, lifestyle changes, sleeping patterns and exercise regimes. Follow up sessions can either be done in person, over the phone, or virtually through webinars and emails.


Wellness Campaigns

Population Well’s team has developed comprehensive wellness campaigns that target many different audiences, fitness abilities, demographics to engage all users at all levels at any size company. These campaigns are usually 2-3 months in length and include incentives, strategic marketing, and other tactics to keep engagement levels high.


Wellness Ambassadors

Population Well Inc. has created an ambassador program that in powers and engages employees. The objective of the program is to spread health and wellness among the employees using their own network of communications. The ambassadors are leaders who have been personally involved in a wellness success story and are looking to share their success with others.

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Wellness Workshops

These hour long interactive seminars engage the employees on a range of topics that are relevant and important to health. These workshops include samplings, giveaways and incentives to make them exciting and dynamic. Each workshop will appeal to the employees five different senses. Some sample workshops include: Ex; Stress Management, Kick your sugar high, Eating on a budget, Fitness in the workplace.


Biometric Screens

Biometric screens are all conducted on site at your location. They are all done by finger prick. The screens include Total Cholesterol, Glucose, HDL, Blood Pressure, Height and Weight. Population Well Inc. also have the ability to do flu shots as well. Population Well Inc. will ensure electronic on site data collection to speed up and streamline the reporting. HRAs can be conducted online or over the phone. Language translation is available for all HRAs.