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Meet Stefanie & Thomas Kuerschner

As a brand for personal fitness, TRUE Studio® offers an unparalleled cycling, yoga, and strength training experience in mind/body personal fitness. TRUE Studio® combines the bench strength of yoga, cycling, strength training, and also offers a 12-week “corporate wellness program” that brings fitness experts into the workplace. As the parent company of TRUE Studio®, Population Well Inc.™ is an integrated wellness model standing in the gap between population health issues and actionable, measurable goals for promoting a wellness state in corporate healthcare.

Behind this brand and wellness model, you will find Stefanie Kuerschner to help you “Find Your True”. Both her professional career and mind/body personal fitness commitment have inspired and uniquely qualified Stefanie as a health industry insider and President/CEO prepared to raise the bar on fitness for wellness in the community holding Population Well Inc.™ for workplace wellness programs in one hand and TRUE Studio® for yoga, cycling, strength training, and credentialed fitness instructors in the other. Stefanie is a high-performance blend of executive leadership, 20 years’ experience in corporate blue chip healthcare systems, and credentials that include MBA, RN, Yoga Nurse, Well Coach, and more than 15 mind/body fitness instructor certifications.

Population Well Inc.™ and TRUE Studio® also have the benefit of support from healthcare experts and consultants including her husband, Dr. Thomas W. Kuerschner, DDS of Premier Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, who became the Medical Director for Population Well Inc.™ in 2016. In this role, Dr. Kuerschner oversees the clinical strategy for Population Well Inc.™ and plays a key role in the development of health policies and clinical guidelines for the company’s wellness programs. His work as Medical Director for Population Well Inc.™ has inspired him to earn health and wellness certifications that include Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) from the Mayo Clinic and Well Coaches – Health and Wellness Coach Training Certification.

As health industry insiders, the Kuerschners are prepared to lead the charge with a corporate wellness solution in one hand and a mind/body personal fitness brand in the other. Known for their commitment to fitness-for-wellness leadership, they believe at their core... Fitness is not just personal; Wellness is not just corporate; and Personal fitness and corporate wellness are valid and attainable national healthcare goals.