As a brand for personal fitness, TRUE Studio™ offers an unparalleled cycling, yoga, and strength training experience in mind/body personal fitness. TRUE Studio™ combines the bench strength of yoga, cycling, strength training, and also offers a 12-week “corporate wellness program” that brings fitness experts into the workplace. TRUE Studio™ brand modalities include:

  • TRUE Yoga™
  • TRUE Cycle™
  • TRUE Bites™
  • TRUE Life™

As the parent company of TRUE Studio™, Population Well Inc.™ is an integrated wellness model standing in the gap between population health issues and actionable, measurable goals for promoting a wellness state in corporate healthcare. Under the brand modality TRUE Life™, Population Well Inc.™ is prepared to collaborate to bring these wellness solutions to your establishment:

  • Corporate Wellness Program Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Smoke-Free Workplace Assistance
  • Biometric Screening
  • Yoga/Spinning Inclusions
  • Yoga | Cycling | Strength Training
  • Instructor Credentialing & Deployment
  • 12-week Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness solution in one hand Mind/body personal fitness brand in the other